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Short shaft build advice needed

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Short shaft build advice needed Empty Short shaft build advice needed

Post  Slowride Fri 5 Aug 2022 - 14:29

I have a short shaft C6 I;m putting behind the 545 in my '32 and am building it myself. This is my first attempt at an auto, so actually need advice in 2 areas.
I've researched as much online as I can and bought the Bad Shoes DVD, so have an idea what's involved with a normal rebuild. The issues I'll have are
1) Rollerizing it - which seems pretty starighforward, though it's complicated a bit by..
2) There are no competent machine shops close to me, so I have to rely on off-the-shelf components. I don't NEED to go low gear kit, but it has components from #1 that make it easier. I guess the biggest complication is adding clutches and steels as needed to handle HP (should come in around 700hp). Without a good machine shop, cutting grooves to add discs isn't an option so need available modified components.
With the supply issues we're experiencing, Broader doesn't have availability of some things, so it's come down trying to identify what parts I need and sourcing them from multiple suppliers. Here's where I need the experience from the board.


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