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Yet another "New Guy" Empty Yet another "New Guy"

Post  Varmintnv on July 18th 2011, 12:23 am

First off, Hello!!
Long time hot rod enthusiast. Back in my teens I had several hot rods/street drag cars. The most notable being a '66 Ranchero that started with a 351W in it till a girlfriend blew it up. That gave way to a factory 225hp 289. That little motor eventually wound up with 11:1 pistons, milled and ported heads, a big cam, and a tunnel ram sporting 2 490cfm Holleys. 8 in. rear end with 4.63 gears and plain old bolt on traction bars. It ran pretty good, wasn't a great street motor though. After 5 trannies, and 3 motors, I finally gave it up. I was 18 or 19 and my dad convinced me it was time to "grow up". I always had plans on building another hot rod, but time, money, and eventually fatherhood all managed to conspire to keep me away.
Fast forward almost 30 yrs and the time has finally come. Today I took possession of a '65 Ford Falcon Futura coupe. It's a basket case, but all the basics are there for a killer new ride. It will end up being a pro street/resto mod car, 9in posi rear end, 4 link rear suspension, wheel tubs, rack and pinion IFS, and of course it'll be powered by a BBF!! Right now I'm thinking a 514 will fit the bill nicely. It's gonna take me a few yrs to get it together, since I'm by no means a wealthy guy!! But it will eventually get done, and I will again join the ranks of the American Hot Rodders. Until then I'll have to make due with my '04 F-150 and the wife's '06 Mustang GT.


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Yet another "New Guy" Empty Re: Yet another "New Guy"

Post  95lightiningguy on July 18th 2011, 1:53 am

Welcome to the forum. cheers

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