Which Water Neck for A460 Intake Manifold

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Which Water Neck for A460 Intake Manifold

Post  96Mustang460cid on Tue 12 Jun - 21:55

I have a Ford Motorsports intake for A460 cylinder heads. It is a single plenum (not tunnel ram) and has part # M-9424-A460. I thought these intakes used a SBF water neck. When I bought one, I quickly realized the bolt spacing was different. After doing some internet searching, I realized that some intakes have the water neck flange positioned vertically while other, like mine, are positioned horizontally. Before buying another $100 water neck, I'd like be sure I'm buying the right application.

Do these intakes use a BBF water neck? If I had one laying around, I'd try it out...but I don't Smile.

Have a good day!

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Re: Which Water Neck for A460 Intake Manifold

Post  David Cole on Tue 12 Jun - 22:22

The Ford A460 intakes use a regular bbf thermostat housing/water neck.
The new style TFS intakes use a sbf housing/water neck.
David Cole

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Re: Which Water Neck for A460 Intake Manifold

Post  curleysracecars on Wed 13 Jun - 13:05

If you need something custom, let me know. I started a thread about this the other day...let me know if I can help.


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