Carb and intake swap

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Carb and intake swap  Empty Carb and intake swap

Post  busta on Sat 16 Mar - 7:33

I have a Weiand tunnel ram and 2 950 carbs on a 532. I want to swap to a single carb and shorter intake and put a scoop on the car. It is a street car.

Which intake should I use? Can I use one of the 950s I already have or should I buy a dominator?

I am using ported D3 heads.


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Carb and intake swap  Empty Re: Carb and intake swap

Post  bigblockfox83 on Thu 28 Mar - 23:10

i would need to know more info on the engine to tell. if this is in the 500-550hp range and under 6k rpm i would think a 950 would do the job. i run a 600 on my 460 (makes around 375hp) and it runs better then when i had a 750 on it.


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