A little "hang time"

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Re: A little "hang time"

Post  BOSS 429 on October 5th 2016, 10:44 pm

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Re: A little "hang time"

Post  David Cole on October 6th 2016, 3:44 am

BOSS 429 wrote:
David Cole wrote:
BOSS 429 wrote:3080s?

3080 in the X8 compound

yup a new tire they came out. looks like it worked good for you,lol.

Im going to get a pair also.


I was running the 33X15 Hoosier regular sidewall. The new MT gives me about the same times on a good track, where it's supposed the work better will be next summer on hot tracks. The X8 compound is supposed to run cooler. The Hoosier (only available in D5 compound) would get sort of "greasy" when the temps get over 90° and the track temps are 140°. The MT uses more air pressure as well. I'm at 9.5 lbs vs running 8.25 in the Hoosier.

The 3080 has been a hot seller. I first tried to get some back in May. Every dealer I tried (large and small) were out and the tire was back ordered. I bet I called 12+ dealers. Finally got my hands on some in late August.
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