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PROCOMP HEADS ------ STICKY------ - Page 3 Empty Re: PROCOMP HEADS ------ STICKY------

Post  richter69 November 28th 2013, 4:18 pm

seems legit....

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PROCOMP HEADS ------ STICKY------ - Page 3 Empty procomp alum. heads

Post  monkeybizness October 14th 2014, 10:17 pm

I fell into the good (initially)price trap. bought them on e bay $1600 delivered to Calgary, I thought they looked ok except the corner of one had a flat spot where somebody had dropped it , but i dont s'pose thats indicative of all of them, They were advertised to be good to .600lift, when i took them to the engine builder to put onto the527 short block he just built he said i had to have all the valve pockets cut , then he had to do a valve job on them (as some guys here have said) and a couple of valves had to be replaced (bent stems) so all said Just over $2200 into a set of chinese knockoffs, I could have got my DOVE C heads done for $750 and been way ahead of the game, SO MY opinion and that's all it is , my opinion, I would NOT buy them again if i had it to do over !!!! Knowledge is King......... Neutral


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PROCOMP HEADS ------ STICKY------ - Page 3 Empty Re: PROCOMP HEADS ------ STICKY------

Post  mitch huested November 21st 2019, 1:50 am

I have a set of these. I ported and polished them myself. Took about 18 hours per head(I'm a perfectionist, sue me!) The biggest problem is the exhuast bend. Port the exhaust to the outline of a SCJ gasket, making the bend smooth not just bell-shaped at the end. Must be VERY careful not to get too drastic around the head blot holes on the exhaust side though. Take a good bite out of the port but not a huge one!
Saw a guy on YouTube that drilled the exhaust bolt holes and installed steel bushings in them. He left about .400 in the bottom of each hole to compress the head as the bolt through the bushing is torqued. I didn't feel the need to do this, but see it as a good safety step. I polished the chambers with black polish, then gray, then finally white for a truly smooth finish.
Flow IS power! You will spend a lot of time, which isn't a thing if you enjoy yourself(and I do). My heads are going on a 532, so I wanted the larger combustion chambers to give me more leeway in my compression as i increase stroke. I want to be able to run it on pump gas. 100LL is $5.65/gal at my local airport, so too pricey for a daily driver.
Long story short, get a good book on porting and spend a little time on letting your beast breathe! My heads after porting and polishing flowed 348/243 on a bench at standard pressure and temp(29.92/59*).

mitch huested

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PROCOMP HEADS ------ STICKY------ - Page 3 Empty Re: PROCOMP HEADS ------ STICKY------

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