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Need an aluminum stick flywheel - FE or 460

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Need an aluminum stick flywheel - FE or 460 Empty Need an aluminum stick flywheel - FE or 460

Post  Wheelie58 August 2nd 2015, 7:12 am

Looking for an aluminum stick flywheel for a 429-460 or FE. Doesn't matter if it is internal or external balance. Expired SFI is OK.
Any ring gear tooth count is ok....or no gear.
For dyno..

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Need an aluminum stick flywheel - FE or 460 Empty Aluminium flywheel

Post  blown473 October 5th 2015, 10:23 pm

I have a aluminium flywheel you might be able to use for dyno use, it came off a 390, it's a early Schafer unit made by Harvey aluminium in the 60's, before they were even using the steel insert for the clutch. It was used on a mud truck, it came on a core short block I bought that had been sitting for decades. They previous owner never ran a block plate so it got mud & small rocks in between the flywheel & block so there's considerable scratching & grinding marks. The ring gear looks in good shape. I use the steel billet units so it's been hanging on my shops wall for awhile. You can have it free, just cover the shipping. If you message me a cell phone number I can send you some pics with detail so you can see it first before you put out any cash. I think it would be fine for dyno testing, or as a boat starter, but I will let you decide.

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