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K-town throw down

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K-town throw down Empty K-town throw down

Post  Larry T October 24th 2015, 11:25 pm

@ Knoxville dragway we went and made a few passes.looks like the deck is stacked against the bbf if you have above a 9.98 deck you had to weigh 3250lbs and be on a 36 jet with a fogger.anyway we made a few passes and enjoyed everything until the fuel pressure regulator took a dump.after my last pass 5.07 fuel was spewing out the vent tubes really bad!we purchased a holly regulator but didn have enough fittings to make it we loaded up and headed home got their at 2am wewwwww what a day.

when we were in Georgia the car weighed 3100 so I had to put in 150lbs to make this race so I did.we went across the scales they told me I was lite by 70lbs.WTF I said why don't you guys buy a set of scales that will weigh the whole car instead of 1/2 at a time.that method to weighing a car don't seem correct to me.

K-town throw down 10406734_766623636783202_4467895791757317230_n

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