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it all started with a thanks then i went off

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it all started with a thanks then i went off Empty it all started with a thanks then i went off

Post  70429scj April 14th 2016, 12:10 am

originaly posted as a reply to some parts in the auction block then I went on a rant sorry for the spelling I think this suns it up for most of us hardcore 385 guys working with limited funds. Guys I never post like this but thought it was time, thanks Steve
Dave I had a 2 page letter typed and then lost it. I want to thank you and all of the guys that willing share the knowledge of the new daily it seems like in the last few years of the cutting edge technical advances in the parts avalible for our 429-460 motors. Just getting to were I want to try a roller cam in my next build I would not have been the wiser about these lifters if you had not spoke up about the improved oiling or now as I understand there is a bushing roller instead of a needle bearing. I build all my own junk and have come to rely on what I learn here to save me money on parts and what parts work together and I try to support the vendors here with some of my hard earned pennies. I have suprised more than one or two people at the track and elsewhere with what little it takes to make these series motors make serious hp and tq with the correct parts without costing a arm and leg, as a example last build most parts came from here and lem, scotty, Charlie and a few from the auction block, my 466 runs on 96 octane makes north of the 650 flywheel hp 600+ on the torque all by 6800 rpm on a 4150 flange carb solid flat tappet is the only custom piece for less than 5k and as the guy who machines and balances all my stuff said its not lightweight but should live a long time considering the pieces used. and he was one of the first guys when it made a pass said he would have sworn it was a smallblock as quick as it went thru the gears. AND MY POINT IS IT WOULD HAVE COST ME THOUSANDS MORE AND BROKEN PARTS OUT THE WAZZO IF IT WAS NOT FOR PROFFESINALS THAT KEEP US IN THE KNOW WITH THE LATEST AND GREATEST PARTS FROM THERE KNOWN BUILDS AND KNOWLEDGE. And to think this is a street motor that sees daily duty with a woman driving it as often as she can cause it still has power steering and them gets driven to the track and flogged on with no mercy This still came out to long dammit I am forever in debt to you gentlemen for allowing me to go faster on my budget than I should Thanks, and remember guys that the knowledge I gained did not cost me a dime but cost these guys sleepless nights and more gray hair or no hair at all from rubbing that head so hard no names mentioned but everyone knows who that was directied to in kentucky thank you for the forum

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it all started with a thanks then i went off Empty Re: it all started with a thanks then i went off

Post  old blue April 16th 2016, 10:17 am

X2- very well spoken, these guys an forum has gave alot of knowledge an help to all of us, were blessed to have them
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