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Great Customer Service @ Superwinch.

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Great Customer Service @ Superwinch. Empty Great Customer Service @ Superwinch.

Post  Doug Rahn December 14th 2016, 1:39 pm

A while back one of my nephews borrowed my trailer and pulled up to hard on the free wheel lever on the winch and broke it. I ordered a repair kit from Superwinch and got an email from them and the delivering company that it has been delivered. Nothing on my front porch and I was home all day and two trucks sitting in the driveway. Email from delivering company said package was delivered to “Met Customer Woman”. Email from Superwinch said if I had any questions to reply to this email. I did and explained the situation to them that there is no woman living at my residence and that it was delivered to the wrong address. The guy replied back that he would send out another kit today with no charges. In the mean time I went out to my mail box and it was mysteriously there. So I contact Superwinch again and told them the kit turned up and I would mail the replacement back to them when it showed up. He told me not to bother and keep it as a spare. You can’t beat customer service like that.
Doug Rahn
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