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Your thoughts on possible trade

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Your thoughts on possible trade Empty Your thoughts on possible trade

Post  cobrakid8 October 12th 2017, 8:05 am

Alright guys, I am trying to get my oldest into a full size dragster and I am trying to trade two juniors for a full size car. Talked with a guy and he is wanting to trade a full size dragster for my two juniors. My add for my juniors is on this site in the classifieds if anyone wants to take a look at them. So I am wanting to see what everyone's thoughts are of the trade. One of my junior is a shop built not named builder car that will have a raptor motor on it runs low 10's. Other car is the high dollar car but it is a 2004 Mike Bos car with a 7.90 motor on it along with i have a 8.90 motor and a starter motor for the juniors, so total of 4 motors and 3 clutches. I would say the worth of them is around 9000-10,000 if split up, but really wanting to sell them together for less hassle. Listed at 8500 right now, but would take 8000 for everything i have for juniors.

The car is  1999 hardtail, the chassis tag has been removed so he does not know the manufacturer. Car is certified till next year for 7.50 it is 19.5 inch wide cage. Car has a 477 BBC with twin Ron's injections toilets, callies crank, JE pistons, Dart pro 1 heads, with 120 passes on it. Powerglide with 1.80 straight cut gears. Runs 5.0's in 1/8.

I think it would prob be a good deal for both parties, and I will(not just plan) but will try and sell the BBC and put a BBF on the car during the winter. So what does everyone else think and how much do you think the motor might be worth, that way I can kind of get an idea of what kind of BBF I can maybe afford. Thanks guys for the help!


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