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procharger d3-r

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procharger d3-r Empty procharger d3-r

Post  old blue March 25th 2019, 4:28 pm

D3-r Procharger head unit "natural finish"
Brackets are for sbf with idler adjuster "polished"
Got cog pulleys 77 crank 50 blower
Cog belt
Support brace adjustable
High velocity blow through top "polished"

Blower supports 2,000 hp
Recommended max rpm 48,000

Blower is rebuilt from procharger with upgrades and been setting boxed up since, not been run since rebuilt
Was D3-m but upgraded to d3-r by procharger
Has d3-r impeller upgrade an
All new bearing and seals

Procharger dont carry rebuild kit for this blower any more a long with alot of others,but you still can order rebuild kit off line an even off ebay, I think the rebuild kit is around $320.00 for all the o-rings, seals and bearings. But if you don't over spin this blower it will last for years, thier tuff, this is the one the top pro 5.0 run before going to f3, they will take a beating an keep spinning. I was gonna build a 1200hp pump gas street deal an with this blower it should be piece of cake, not spin it hard at at all, and blow through with mixing process thier no need for intercooler an its got an oil feed line instead of self contained and was one of the reason I wanted this unit, keep temp down on street I was gonna run an oil cooler with it, but changing some things around in my shop an money needs go elsewhere so she is for sale,thanks for looking.

Price $3850.00  obo
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