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distributer block hole is too small on an A460 block

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distributer block hole is too small on an A460 block Empty distributer block hole is too small on an A460 block

Post  ChrisH January 26th 2020, 12:06 am

sometimes you would just like to choke people that make some of this shit.

so i am putting my distributor in my newly finished 578. it wont drop in. goes a third down and stops.
i put marker in places i think might be the problem. i finally confirm the shaft is a too big to drop in the small hole under the dizzy gear in block.

i take the dist. to another engine i have, drops right in.

i happen to have another virgin A460 block. it drops right in. Well crap.

take the front back off the motor.
measure the shaft, 0.513 the bore is 0.510. yep, that will screw it up.

now i realize these blocks are not finished and ready for use. cam bores, decks, mains, these all need to be checked and made true.
but WTF ford. i guess i should count myself lucky the timing cover bolted up correctly at this point

so now i get to decide whether to try and ream the hole or turn the distributor shaft down. i am not tearing the engine back down. it is one a stand so i have access to it and i have the front of the engine off and the oil pan off.

the easy answer is to turn the shaft down. the right answer is open the bore.

guess i am asking, has anyone ran across this before? is this something i should have checked and didn't know, or did i just get lucky and catch a block with a very tight bore?
early on this is no big deal. at this point its a pain in the ass.

just a little frustrated on this one.

thanks for any opinions.



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