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472" 1990's C1500 BBF Swap

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472" 1990's C1500 BBF Swap Empty 472" 1990's C1500 BBF Swap

Post  supervel45 August 12th 2020, 4:30 am

1. D20E PI Heads Ported Intake Exhaust and combustion chambers.
2. Comp Cams B294 Mechancial Solid Flat Tappet Cam.  Thanks 5 Point Slow, and Good Job on your 1st Place Wins.
3. Probe 472 .060" over Dual valve relief flat top pistons, Forged. Thanks 501 Torino in Texas. Cool


1. TH400 adaptor to 429/460 engine.
2. BBF Valve Cover Adaptors to BBC Valve Covers.
3. BBC Valve Covers. Prefer Moroso Chrome but, Other Cool ones will be Considered. Smile
4. BBF Crank Trigger, Hopefully that Works.
5. BBF Headers that May have fit a chance to fit a C1500 without cutting up the Truck. It's kind of a rare Chevy only made 4 years.
6. PI Exhaust Manifolds or Cj/Scj manifolds if they will work on PI heads.
7.Anything else that might be needed to complete the swap that anybody can think of. pirat

501 Torino if you still have any 460 blocks and or cranks please let me know? Thanks

Back to work on the frame, cool at night in Texas, sort of and getting ready for paint. Hopefully see the Texas guys at HMP soon to make some side bucks. affraid

PS: Going to Spray up to What a Nos Big Shot Plate goes to about 350HP on Rare Occasions. Hoping for over 500HP on Motor.


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