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Looks Like the RePub's are Smoking Dope II

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Looks Like the RePub's are Smoking Dope II Empty Looks Like the RePub's are Smoking Dope II

Post  supervel45 September 20th 2022, 2:36 am

Listing to what this clown says about FJB at the 5 min 30 sec. mark. Then he say's HE WANT'S HIM to RUN AGAIN.
Bunch of fucking corrupt pussy's. The Dem's would have been all over and were, President Trump with the 25th amendment and impeachment a long time ago, just for the North Korea dustup in 2017 and they did impeach him over a phone call. I'm sure all the braindead retards forgot about that shit, and probably the Covid Con by now too. I got news for you Rick, if you really feel that the President is not "Coherent" or is "Incapacitated" and he does not improve you have a Constitutional Duty along with the rest of the Congress to Remove him Via The 25th Amendment. What a Bana Republic we've turned into. Rant over.


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