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More CJ Venom Progress

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More CJ Venom Progress Empty More CJ Venom Progress

Post  Coupe Devil February 8th 2023, 7:32 pm

I am more than proud to share these pictures of the first PRODUCTION run of BBF Venom intakes. We have several more to cast and get to a few special customers before we start taking public orders but we are making headway finally on this project. This is the intake that outperformed the professionally worked TFS "Mafia" by 30+ HP and accelerated the dyno harder AND faster than the Mafia as well.

More CJ Venom Progress First_11
More CJ Venom Progress First_10

With the market pricing increasing on all materials a final price is still in the works. I hope to keep them to $1500 but may be $1600 with packaging costs continuing to climb.
Coupe Devil
Coupe Devil

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More CJ Venom Progress Empty Re: More CJ Venom Progress

Post  rwjaeger April 21st 2023, 10:10 am

Anxious for mine to show up, will post pics when it arrives


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