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My new intake

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My new intake Empty My new intake

Post  Toony November 15th 2023, 4:57 pm

It has been a long time since I have tried to post a photo but here goes nothing.
I have been putting together a new combo which consists of a new full chasis 1971 ford capri with a 557 equipped with a 136 procharger.
The build was fine but trying to find a intake for my profiler headed project was a bit harder than I thought, until I combined with a small company based in Melbourne Australia. The man that owns the buisness is also a drag racer and has a great understanding of what I wanted so he has developed his own intakes in the below photo,s and they suit A 460 and my Profiler or C headed rig.
his prices are unbelievable and if you consider the conversion rate it is stupid cheap.
the one below is around $7000 Aus which converts to $4500 at current rate.
tell him Paul Toon sent ya
My new intake Intake10
My new intake Intake11


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My new intake Empty Re: My new intake

Post  supervel45 November 15th 2023, 11:31 pm

That's a Tad Over My Budget.

That Out of the Way, That's One BadAss Looking Intake. I Agree, For What It "IS" That is A Good Price.

The Old Capri's Are COOL Too. Cool  

Qtr.Warrior Had A Nice One Also.

I Found Out Yesterday at SAM That CHI Moved to The US and Is Now CID.

I Guess I am Behind The Curve Somedays on These Companies   study  

Their EMC 437 LS Winning 800HP EMC Engine Used a Split (Two(2) Piece{Halves}) CID Single Quad Dommy Flange, as Well as CID Heads, Like The New Venom Intake for The BBF's.

^Just an Unrelated Side Note About Former Down Under Dudes, Is All They Get It Done Smile


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