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Pistons rods 460 crankshaft

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Pistons rods 460 crankshaft Empty Pistons rods 460 crankshaft

Post  manofmerc June 20th 2024, 12:11 pm

These came out of my bracket race engine Scat H beam rods with the std. arp fasteners .A 20-20 460 crankshaft and a set of JE srp pistons #150723 flat top with a std. valve pocket and an AFR valve pocket I had installed.The pistons are .030 over 1/16 rings 3/16 oil ring little wear .001-.002 on the skirts no nitrous ever You could polish the crank but it would be ok as is rod bearings look good main bearings stay with the block $800 prefer not to ship I also have 16 comp pro magnum pushrods 3/8 .080 thick 8.500 long $100 I might ship the pushrods I live in Ga. below ATL. Call me 678 603 8400 Doug I might have a flat tappet cam also available


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