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Project "Iron Man" underway.

Tennessee Bullitt
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Post  dfree383 November 7th 2011, 10:07 am

1 3/4 is fine for stock small port heads and the type of build your doing. Your not going to pull any kind of effective rpm with the stock intake anyway.

Plus on a application like a truck your looking for lower end power 1500-3000 rpm not 6000-7500...

Small headers are fine and in alot (Most) of cases better for street applications.

Don't get caught up in the bigger is better thing.

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Project "Iron Man" underway. - Page 2 Empty Re: Project "Iron Man" underway.

Post  soupbean November 15th 2011, 3:04 am

dfree383 wrote:
Tennessee Bullitt wrote:Ok here is what I have so far.....

I'm looking at some early style C8,C9,Dove heads doing my port work with the stock valves, Thanks Mr Hobbs.
Keeping the iron 4 barell dual plane manifold, with some port work.
Running a holley 750 carb.
New rod and main bearings in the shortblock
Building some 1 3/4 in shorty or mid length headders.
Lunati cams, a couple to choose from, here is the one I had in mind...

ADV. 276/286
@.050 247/256
106 LSA 100 ICL
LIFT .630/.637

I am guessing my compression should be around 9.5:1 but all in all I think this should be a fun modded stock style motor.

Thats to much cam....... Get down in the 230's on the intake. I also assume your not expecting to run stock rockers with that kind of lift. Look at Lunati 61603.

X2! I have a DOVE-C headed 514 unported and the only thing I think is helping it make decent power is the Lunati .568-.580 solid flat tappet. Any thing bigger would just be mismatched to the combo.

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