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Post  FORDIN January 2nd 2012, 4:08 pm

[i]I BOUGHT DOUGS(ThndrChkn) 521 shortblock from him a while back...almost a year ago. it is a factory 4-bolt dove block,scat forged crank, 6.8 eagle rods w/arp cap screws, probe forged pistons, total seal rings, sfi flexplate and dampner, balanced. doug did up me a set of d3 heads..2.25/1.76 ported nicely. comp guide plates and 3/8 pushrods. scorpion roller rockers. performer rpm air gap intake. recurved dizzy. msd 6al and coil. as for the cam i had issues with the first one so i just put in my old 280 magnum(comp). and put an 800 dp on it. i have a 950 bigs i had built for it here but want to change cams in the future so waiting....any suggestions. 7,000 lbs,5.13 gears 44" tires 203/205 doubler. it is and all around truck driven a lot. anyway thanks to doug for a great engine as is..lots of torque on the bottom. there are some videos of it in the 4x4 section also.

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Post  BOSS 429 March 12th 2012, 9:00 pm

hows this comming?
BOSS 429
BOSS 429

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Post  ThndrChkn June 7th 2012, 9:13 am

Well Rich, I'm not exactly sure what the question is. But the project is done for the most part. I will say, that Brad has a ball with this engine in his truck. He uses it for trail drives, rock crawling, mud racing, and dirt drags. Well, pretty much anything he wants to. Laughing I know, he calls me every time he does so. Laughing Laughing Here's a little more info on the engine itsself:

The 521 had approximately 125 or so passes on it. Mostly 1/8 mile. It was well maintained, and when I ran it, it had FRPP SCJ's on it, a fairly healthy bumpstick 282/288 @ 050, and 786/726 lift. The best the combo ran N/A in the Banana was 9.70 @ 137 @ 5000' DA. When I sold it to Brad, I changed the camshaft to a custom grind based on the Lunati 61605 hyd, and it appearantly had a mid-range rpm flutter that proved to be something in the machining process, so he installed the smaller 280H Magnum to be able to keep driving it.

The heads are a set of big valve D3's that I ported myself from another set I did & had flowed, that were in the 330/180 range. I'd say any rig that weighs in as much as Brad's does and produces the results it does, is pretty impressive if I do say so myself. He has won just about every event he entered with it. And when he hits the trail with it, uses it regularly as a tow rig to keep the imports and chevy's movin' on the trail, so as not to clog it up. Laughing Laughing Laughing

If you haven't seen them yet, check out the vids in the truck section under "Bozeman Top Truck Challenge". I was particularly impressed with the dump truck pull... Shocked Which he won... Cool

I almost forgot, Brad ran this combo with one of those programmers (don't know how accurate they are) but it said he was running the 1/4 mile in the mid-15 second range... IMO, not too bad for what he's packin' around... Twisted Evil

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