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restoration project for sell

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restoration project for sell Empty restoration project for sell

Post  fordmanmatt October 28th 2015, 4:23 pm

[QUOTE=Fordmanmatt;1499233]1978 Ford F150 with complete work over on body so ready for primer and paint, all new hoses, F & B Shocks, all new tie rods, rubber gromets between Frame jand cab/bed, new coil springs, new rear sway bar, dual gas tanks with all new sending units and.other parts replaced, protective.coating applied to all frame and underneath bed/cab all brackets blasted and repainted, head liner, door panels, seat all completely done by local customers apolsterer, done in leather, and emmu skin , sound proof floor and doors, dash is replace any parts to make ac/ plus anything else and cleaned, OK so tranny rebuilt and rollerised to specifications. Posted on this site, all new parts and larger B&M Tranny aluminum pan. Also ordered all brand new emblems f150 ford, new brake booster, i do have D 3 heads that have been completely decked and re-done I wasn't going to use them's your choice, the engine I was extremely picky with who I choose to do the work , and sear he'd for months till finding an airplane.designer, and fabricator,/ machinist and did lots of begging, lem Evans sold me the complete rotati.g assembly scat crank, with forged pistons, & rods, new timing cover, new isky crank, new edel rock manifold and everything else I might be missing, to complete engine, new water pump, new.oil pump.and pick.up, etc. Plus block decked and surfaced, or ed 60 over for a 526 cubic inch engine,my goal was to get to as close to 500 to 550 hp and allowing for 150 shot of nitrous when gapping rings now there's alot.more that I can't even try to cover all short there also is Harlan Sharp Roller rocker arms, there is new visors, interior light kits, and just a bunch more you should be able to go into chilly gage to see my picks of everything. Now I once did running total of everything I had bought not including , undercoating, and the this we needed to have a flawless body in saying that no large bond spots body was clean so I did that at the beginningof last summer and since then I haven't and I did have to purchase aditional items for my guy to assemble and the engine is right down the road from the truck and you are welcome to pick up and go over with him and you will see why I had him do the work he followed the specifications on this site for the oil galley holes and hole drilled for distributer off Paul Kanes site..and all actions taken was advised by lem Evans and Chris scharfenburger which has actually been to my house and looked over had been done. So as of the beginning of last summer i.had close to 9k in the this build, and what I very low because of a situation and I want $ 4,500
00 cash for every thing if intrested and serious or you can call or text my cell 910-386-6163 not a penny less and must be in cash, I am moving to.north Carolina so I can deliver going 4 ti 6 different routes butni will need some kind of.good faith money sent to anyone i have never talked to or has not been member long... ***IF YOU GO TO MY GARAGE AND THEN GALLERY ON THE OTHER SITE YOU CAN SEE LOTS OF PICS....

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