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Post  whatbumper July 14th 2016, 1:45 pm

I posted this in another thread but I've had some questions and some that have called or text for information. Basically it's how to use one of our FuelTech FT500 systems to take care of the operation of your car even if it's carburetor or mechanical injected.

Here is a short list of features that this gives a carb or mech injected guy.

Data logger
Progressive nitrous
More ignition control than the grid
ability to run any ignition or replace ignition and run CNP directly
can remove all gauges as the system has a display
traction control
shifter control
boost controller for the boost guys
bump box
full street car controls for the newer cars such as drive by wire.
multiple configurations of outputs for things like, lean outs, parachute, etc
and more...

easily changed to full efi later.

Money is not as bad as one would think due to the fact that you don't have to run gauges, grid box, digisets, shift controllers, data loggers, etc..

If you have any questions about this setup or how we can configure a solution for you just call, email or text.

Justin Minzenmayer


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Race electronics Empty Re: Race electronics

Post  whatbumper July 15th 2016, 10:01 pm

I've had a few emails, calls and texts so I'll share in short what we talked about.

I was asked pricing. We have lots of options to fit many budget levels. The first reply by two guys was that's way too high and then we went over what they didn't have to buy. I'll cover that first.

$1745 Avg Sportsman Racepak price to log the same features
$454 NOS Launcher (most common used by the guys that called)
$412 MSD PowerGrid controller
$500+ Gauges

also for the boosted guys:
$1000 Boost controller
$325 Bump box

and a very popular Traction Control device

FuelTech system for the carb and mech injected guys can be as little as $2500 for all of the above features. I have a couple of other cool features that I will NOT discuss on open forum that can be added to the system to benefit any racer.

We just converted a plate/carb guy from his 7AL3 box with a digital controller, NOS laucher, RPM Datalogger and Gauges (oil pressure, 2 fuel pressure, water temp, tach, nitrous pressure, and transmission pressure). He now has full control over the nitrous and timing via the same display or computer depending on how he wants to do it. Also his micro switch is gone in favor of a true tps and he has traction control. Did away with every gauge in the car and a ton of wiring. The first time to the track set a personal best. The timing is unbelievable and the ability to draw a progressive ramp with the mouse is his new favorite tool.


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