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Aftermath of Hurricane Mathew

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Aftermath of Hurricane Mathew Empty Aftermath of Hurricane Mathew

Post  Doug Rahn October 24th 2016, 8:41 am

First I hope anybody that was in or near the path of Hurricane Mathew are okay. Two of my sisters were certainly lucky on property damage. No damage to their houses, just a lot of downed trees. These two photos I shot from in front of my youngest sister’s house looking down Moon River Drive which is normally in full shade all day long. It will be months before the County gets all this stuff picked up and they are working 7 days a week. I hate to see all this great timber go to a land fill. I wish I had the equipment to pick it up and mill it into some beautiful lumber. I counted the growth rings on a couple of them and they were 100+ years old with very tight growth rings.

Aftermath of Hurricane Mathew Down%20trees%20at%20Tracis%202_zpsbsgc2axq

Aftermath of Hurricane Mathew Down%20trees%20at%20Tracis_zps7wbg1yuj
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