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Don't Forget This Great Reset a 1/3 of the Way Into the Last Century

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Don't Forget This Great Reset a 1/3 of the Way Into the Last Century Empty Don't Forget This Great Reset a 1/3 of the Way Into the Last Century

Post  supervel45 May 19th 2023, 5:00 am

With all the Talk about the Debt Ceiling and the 14th Amendment of the US Constitution Article 4.

Did anyone bother to read it and or also Article 5 of the same Amendment. Or even Article 5 of NATO.  LoL

It (The 14th Amendment) was ratified in 1868 after the Civil War, and Before the Federal Reserve Private Bank was Created in 1913, when Congress Abdicated their Power to Issue Currency(Debt) and Exercise Control of the Treasury.

And Yea "D" FDR ( Elected in 1932 Four Terms ) in 1933 using a Law made in 1917 (Under President "D" Wilson) when we got into WW1 (You Know Spies and Dissents, Insurectionist ect.) because of the War, as a Resason/Excuse, for those History Illiterate, That (WWI) Ended in 1918.

So FDR after the 1929 Crash, His First year in Office, 1933 ORDERS Almost EVERONE to Bring in Your Gold Silver and Paper Backed Notes By the Same.

It's ( The Governments) New and Improved Paper Issued as Long as it Within 3 Days of Enactment. Other Wise Go To Jail and or a $10,000 Fine. To Add Insult to Injury the Dead Line was May Day (May 1) The big Communist Holiday. Probably his Wife's IDEA.

It's also been said a lot of Weathly People and Some Corporations Smuggled Their Gold Out the Country and into Foreign Banks where it was Legal. IE LOOTING America in a WAY, especially if they knew what the SCHEME was or Were in on it.

Amendment 14 is towards the bottom of the link below.

^You could also nickname Article 5 or Section 5, in the Above Link of the 14 Amendment, If you scroll all the way down and Read What it says, the "Bud Light" Article, if it was Challenged to the Supreme Court Again, and Up Held Against the States in Disagreement Over the Current Woke Thing. If you read it it's not as crazy as it sounds considering the Current Administration! It's not as Crazy as it sounds in our Current Bazzaro World Either, and A Justice Needs to be a Biologist to Determine what a "Woman " Is Now, if you Read the Whole Text Carefully.!/amendments/14/essays/175/enforcement-clause It turns into a Civil Rights Challenge. It basically says if the 14th goes to the Court on one Article, All Articles within it, come into Play and are Up for Grabs. B.Clinton was a Sleazy Lawyer, he knew what he was doing when he Said Sex "Is". In 1964 in the Civil Rights ACT, it was Male or Female. That Changed to Preference. The UN has a Bounty on AGE LAWS Now in that Department!!! Don't Believe Me, Research it Your Self!  Google and MSM Burying it as per Normal Lately since 2021 on Any Bad Publicity for their Idol's on the Radical Left.
They have threatened to use the 14th Since Slick Willie's Time, In Budget Negoations. They likely will figure it out again, and it's all Political Thearte, Hopefully.

Did I say the MSM Reporting/Lying sucks again this week. Smile

And If You Bother to Read Amendment 14 (XIV) Pay Close Attention to Article 3 also. You Know 2024 and all coming Up. Evil or Very Mad That was somewhat Relaxed Later, For the Civil War Only (1861-1865).


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Don't Forget This Great Reset a 1/3 of the Way Into the Last Century Empty Re: Don't Forget This Great Reset a 1/3 of the Way Into the Last Century

Post  supervel45 May 21st 2023, 4:48 am

Big Pharma Money is Involved. You would think they made enough from the junk Covid non vaccines.

There are much bigger angles I am not going to go into besides that.

Excellent Article of Part of It. Long read but worth it.

If any of you Men have young Grand Kids, you might want to read it. A lot of young couples are busy and may not realize what is going on. I keep up with current events and I just found this tidbit myself.


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