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Is it worth $5000?

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Is it worth $5000? Empty Is it worth $5000?

Post  BBFTorino July 5th 2023, 4:38 pm

I know a guy who is selling a set of C460 heads and intake for $5000.
The heads have titanium intake valves and inconell exhaust, and come with WW shaft rockers and Moroso fabricated valve covers.
The intake is set up for EFI with provisions for two injectors per intake runner.
This was all on a turbo engine that made around 3000 horsepower, but the lower end blew up and now he's parting out the top end.


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Is it worth $5000? Empty Re: Is it worth $5000?

Post  supervel45 July 6th 2023, 12:24 am

Kinda hard to say. The last new A460 Block alledgelly sold on Maketplace for $5000.00. That would be my main concern if I wanted to run C Heads as well as an intake.

Is it a sheet metal intake? Lot of coin there if it is.

So Trickflow cast some also? I am not into C heads but, don't recall this.

I also threw it in your thread as more of a gauge if you had not seen them.

Worth and what someone is willing to pay figures in big in my opinion of this stuff. Also asking price and getting price are usually two different things.


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