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BBF Fox Build

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BBF Fox Build Empty BBF Fox Build

Post  GTJ460 July 14th 2023, 4:47 pm

Hey guys! I'm new to this forum. Not really new to BBFs. I started a foxbody build MANY years ago when SBF strokers were kinda pricey. This is my current combo:

460cid, 10:1 comp (stock bottom)
Comp Xtreme 284/296, 240/246@.050 .584/.588 (hyd-flat)
Edelbrock Performer RPM heads (Ported w/valve job)
Victor Jr. Intake (Port matched, floor/runners blended)
Duraspark distributor (Curved)
Holley Sniper X-Flow 550-540
Fogger NOS (150hp-250hp)
C6 trans, 3k converter
3.73 gears
28 x 9 tire

I haven't totally finished the car. I'm considering pulling the engine for a Coyote/supercharger swap. I like the novelty of the BBF, but the fuel economy (7mpg on the highway) is terrible for cruising. I have a Sniper to replace the 950HP, and was thinking about a Gearvendors.

Do you guys think I'm in "NO MAN'S LAND?" I'd like the finished car to at least run low 10s on NOS, have heat, A/C and be able to go at least 150 miles on a tank. Should I finish the 460 build or put in another car and go Coyote? I'd really appreciate your input! Thanks!


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BBF Fox Build Empty Re: BBF Fox Build

Post  BigBlockRanger July 14th 2023, 5:29 pm

Sounds like a fun combo to me. Coyotes are neat and can make crazy power, but I would stay with the BBF.  My original 545 with a 950 Holley, ootb TFS Street heads and a small solid roller ran 10.40's na with 3.55's and 28x10.5 tires.  

We just did Rocky Mountain Race Week and mileage with our current 552 was about 8mpg.  Not great, but there were plenty of opportunities to fill up so it wasn't a real big issue.  I mean 9.0L of engine running 3000 rpm is just gonna use a lot of fuel.

The old 545.
BBF Fox Build Motor10

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BBF Fox Build Empty bbf

Post  hbstang August 18th 2023, 7:26 pm

if you are going to drive it,get an overdrive! that will help fuel milage and wear and tear.makes a big differance.and yes it would run mid 10s without the n20.

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BBF Fox Build Empty Re: BBF Fox Build

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