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Budget Build with bolt on parts

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Budget Build with bolt on parts Empty Budget Build with bolt on parts

Post  jones February 11th 2010, 6:58 pm

I thought now that I have quit racing the truck I would post the final engine build.

1979 F150 Lariat supercab 2wd weighs 4,540lbs (weighed on certified scales) Engine also had well over 180,000 if not 200,000 miles.

Cylinder compression test 120-124lbs

1979 factory stock 460 (heads have never been unbolted)

1970 timing chain

Edlebrock performer intake

Custom Cam from RHP Lcs 110.5 Intake dur 217 lift .520 Exh dur 223.6 lift .518 (with PEP valve springs and new hyd lifters)

1-3/4 headman headers

3" mandral bent exhaust, Summit x-pipe and 3" Dynomax Bullets (Some say it sounded like a Dodge Viper v10 and others though a Diesel it howled)

2” 4 hole plastic spacer

Holley 4150 850 dp

Ford recurved distributor from RHP

MSD 6al

MSD Blaster SS coil

MSD wires

Carter CJ mechanical fuel pump

89-93 octane 36-40 degrees of timing

Factory C6

2,600 stahl converter (Ford converter re stalled) from RHP

Broader shift kit, 3rd stage

Factor 3:50 rear gear

Summit racing Mini spool

29x9R15 Mickey Thompson Drag Radials

Mickey Thompson 15x10 wheels

Ran a best 1/8 mile et 8.82 @75mph with a 1.80 60ft

That’s some where around 325-350 fwhp

Drove it too and from the track every time, weekends and to work on pretty days.
Budget Build with bolt on parts DSC_0085
Budget Build with bolt on parts DSC_0129
Budget Build with bolt on parts DSC_0087


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Budget Build with bolt on parts Empty Re: Budget Build with bolt on parts

Post  70bbftorino March 13th 2010, 2:51 pm

i always liked those big old trucks.......especially when they have a lil extra balls to them-

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