Baffle questions and a few others.

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Baffle questions and a few others. Empty Baffle questions and a few others.

Post  BigRigTech on November 27th 2013, 10:01 pm

1:) I have the FRPP fox body swap pan on my engine. I set the engine in very low (1/8" clear of the steering rack) and the pic's I've seen of the aftermarket baffled pans don't look like they will clear my rack without mod's. If I were to add a baffle to my FRPP pan is there a site or pic's of what should be done?

2:) I know this is going to open up a can of worms Rolling Eyes   - but I still want the answer - will a canton girdle clear a FRPP fox body swap pan on a 2 bolt block?

3:) Any opinions on Icon pistons vs Probe? I asked my local speed shop to price up some Probe 10661-60 pistons and they suggested Icon IC636-060 instead???

So far this fall/winter I've got a brand new pair of MT slicks sitting in the garage, a used Merkel built C6 valve body on it's way from dirt_worker and a square bore victor intake from dfree383 coming next month. Some head work and forged pistons/balancing is the plan for after xmas as I scratch up the $$$ from parting out F-series trucks. I want to get the engine done as early as possible so I have time to try and scratch up more $$$ to get the car painted before spring...LOL

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