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Adding transfer fuel tank to an E

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Adding transfer fuel tank to an E Empty Adding transfer fuel tank to an E

Post  Kobelco February 14th 2023, 9:42 am

I have a 1992 E350 138WB club van 460\7.5 EFI E4OD that has a factory 35 gallon mid fuel tank w vented fuel cap. I am planning to add a 55 gallon fuel tank from a 1993 E350 460\7.5 EFI motorhome chassis to behind the axle of mine as a transfer fuel tank. I can handle the moving adding cross members.
Question if I use the stock EFI in-tank pump 55gal tank to supply the factory 35gal at the filler neck pipe using a aftermarket type T pipe works??
If i do transfer in 10 second intervals as I am driving doable or??

someone must have done something like this..... thanks.


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