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E4OD 3rd to OD shift lag

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E4OD  3rd to OD shift lag Empty E4OD 3rd to OD shift lag

Post  Kobelco February 9th 2024, 12:10 pm

On my completely stock  92  460-7.5   E4OD sometimes when it shifts from 3rd to OD it feels like it kicks down a gear before going in OD, not all the time and its not neutral either.   Has 99k miles on it.
Fresh fluid and filter.  I replaced the neutral MLPS twice with Ford original from JY does the same thing.
I tried a Standard brand but it failed in less then 1k miles no start in P then no start in N.
No check engine light on, OD light stays on when selected(no flashing). No error codes on OBD1 scanner.
Any ideas??   thanks


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